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In this miniseries, we will explore the different perspectives of children, parents, and the families who have been affected by the use of Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART), as well as the therapeutic challenges that often arise.
* All of our online courses and workshops will be recorded, and the replays of each class will be available to those who are enrolled.

Waiting for a Child

The Challenging Way with Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART)

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A 3-part series
with Klaus Käppeli
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3 consecutive Mondays
in November & December

November 27, December 4 and 11, 2023

10am - 12pm PDT
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About this Workshop Series

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Since Louise Brown, conceived by In Vitro Fertilization, was born on the 25th of July 1978 in UK, research and development in Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) have increased in a way that pre- and perinatal psychology is challenged to take care of the matter.

ART is a significant economic sector in our world. The more technology is used, the more we are called upon to focus on the human being and his or her experience.

On the one hand, there are the physical strains to which women and men are exposed. On the other hand, it is important to consider the interventions to which eggs and sperm are exposed. All too easily we overlook the experience of violence in this procedure. Klaus would like to name these interventions, but without getting stuck in the difficult experience. He would like to turn more to the mystery of why a soul chooses this arduous and challenging path into the world. With this, we will touch upon psychological, philosophical, and theological questions.

In this talk, Klaus will try to give an overview of the most important technologies that are available and used today. Based on an example from his practice, he will try to outline essential aspects of a largely technical procreation practice, without going into too many details.

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11/20/23: The ART-Children and Their Experiences

Children have to undergo very challenging procedures. I’d like to show practical examples of how children show the transition to life in a therapeutic setting and what they know without ever being asked about it. I want to show the listeners the child's point of view and experience. It is a knowledge that is hidden deep in the cells of
children. They want to be seen and heard in it. There will be time for questions from the audience. I look forward to it.

11/27/23: The ART-Parents, Families and Their Experiences

Parents who have decided to go the way of ART do not really know what they will meet. They know the formal sequences of this kind of conception. Nevertheless they emotionally enter a new territory which they do not know the map of. I would like to address how we support parents. We look at how it affects the couple’s relationship, the relationship to their children.

12/04/23: Therapeutic Challenges and Knowing in Working with ART-Situations

Working with children conceived with ART the therapist is involved in feelings of boundary violation, loneliness, abandonment, and separation to name only the most important ones. The therapist meets many double binds in dealing with ART- issues.

We will look at these challenging factors, especially on the background of transference and countertransference.

* In all classes, we will have enough space and time
for questions from the practice


Klaus Käppeli

Klaus Käppeli, MSc, is a psychologist and psychotherapist of the Federation of the Swiss Psychologists (FSP) and has a private practice in somatic psychotherapy in St.Gallen, Switzerland, since 1988.

He works with adults, families, couples, young adults, children and babies.

His extensive training includes integrative body psychotherapy (IBP) (J. L. Rosenberg), integrative couple and family therapy (C.Gammer, M.Kirschenbaum), treating and integrating prenatal and birth trauma with babies and adults (R. Castellino, W. Emerson) and cranio-sacral therapy (J. Lichtenberg).

He has assisted the prenatal and birth foundation training with Ray Castellino in Santa Barbara CA. He is a certified adult group facilitator in processing and integration of pre- and perinatal experiences in the tradition of Ray Castellino. He is cofacilitating the foundation training with Regina Buecher in Germany and Switzerland.

Klaus is married and father of three adult sons. Seven grandchildren are among his closest teachers.

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