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A 3-part miniseries with Eileen Sendrey.

An introduction to understanding the language of babies. From the beginning babies communicate preferences, wants, needs, and boundaries. Come learn to attune, listen, and respond to support the parent-baby bond.

Learning Your Baby's
Love Language

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A 3-part series
with Eileen Sendrey
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3 Mondays
in November/December

November 28,
December 5 & 12, 2022

10am - 12pm PDT
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About this Workshop Series
A felt sense of safety and connection of parents and infant with each other (particularly the birth parent) is basis of the baby’s sense of self, the health of the brain and nervous system, emotional balance, robust immune and motor function, healthy structure and metabolic processes as well as general resiliency and capacity to learn. A healthy foundation translates to optimal outcomes later in childhood and adulthood.

To say it poetically, love is the basis for individual and collective health. In this mini-series I will introduce principles and somatic skills to learn to “listen” to and communicate with babies. The same principles and skills can be utilized in “listening” to and communicating with the implicit somatic memories of early trauma (or what is sometimes called the wounded ‘young self’) in older children and adults.
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Many of us, as adults, have the wish to more intentionally give our own babies and children (and those we may be working with) something different than we experienced ourselves. To do so, it is helpful to understand how and why we might be disconnected from ourselves and our innate health and wisdom in relating to ourselves and others. Through this insight about the effects of early non-optimal experiences for ourselves and others and understanding developmental needs from the perspective of pre and perinatal somatics, families can be supported to experience more connection and health. Through real listening and communicating, the parent, baby and even practitioner can all receive the nourishment needed from this exchange. 

The first class with focus on connection to oneself as a parent, teacher or practitioner experientially as well as learning about developmental needs of the infant (and all humans) from the PPN somatic perspective.

The second class with focus on the skills and principles of “listening” and communicating with the infant in a body-centered way. The class will include partner exercises and cognitive framing with information to understand the experiences.

The third class we will explore cognitively and experientially the importance of layers of support for the parents, teachers and providers for a safe resonant connected and responsive group field. For parents and other adults interacting with babies to have space in themselves and the regulated brain states to listen to babies a supportive community is essential.

This workshop is for parents, teachers, therapists and health providers as well as anyone transforming effects of early non-optimal experiences as your own “good parent.” 

In this field of pre and peri-natal somatics we have direct experiences of transforming the autonomic nervous system and relationships and learning to effectively communicate with babies offers the possibility to do so early in life.

Eileen Sendrey

Eileen has worked for 26 years as a practitioner and teacher in the holistic health field with bodywork, yoga, Breema® Bodywork and Self-Breema. She now focuses on Pre-and Peri-Natal Education and Health, Craniosacral Therapy and is an Approved Womb Surround Process Workshop Leader.

For 30 years, she has been a leader in many communities -- facilitating communication and transformation towards health within the organizations. The direction of her work is connecting, in health, families with each other and the larger community.

Eileen's practice includes working with adults, individually and in groups and families with babies, children and teens. To support connected families, she offers classes for parents and professionals (teachers and in the health field) in person and on-line. The intention of the work is to restore connection to individual health as well as the thriving of the family system. Her work is very attuned to the wants and needs of each particular individual and family and she endeavors to create a safe non-judgmental space where adults and children can feel the “welcome” we all want and deserve from the start. By working together with her clients, challenges transform to more resilience, connection and mutual support and cooperation.

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