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Come join Tara to learn more about the BEBA Clinic model and how it supports working with babies, children and their families. This series will include presentations, practices, exercises, discussions and videos examples**.

Working with Babies and Children Following the BEBA Clinic Model:

How to support families to thrive when birth (or other early event) was traumatic

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A 4-part series
presented by Tara Blasco, PhD
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4 Tuesdays in November
November 1, 8, 15, 22, 2022

10am - 12pm PT
* Recordings of each class will be available for at least a year from the dates of the original class;

**Please note that the recordings will include the lectures and discussions only and will not include confidential client videos shown during the live class.
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About this Workshop Series
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Stress, emotional tension and routine medical procedures at birth may have long-lasting traumatic effects on babies and their families, and continue to do so as children grow. Brain development, learning capacities, emotional stability, physical coordination and self-esteem are all directly affected by trauma experienced during birth and other preverbal events.

Fortunately, there are new approaches to helping babies, children and their families work through the consequences of traumatic early beginnings. The BEBA (Building and Enhancing Bonding and Attachment) clinic in Ojai, California, is a leading research clinic in the field of early trauma. 

During the mini series that I will deepen into the main principles and practices of our work at the BEBA Clinic supporting families with babies and children to heal these early experiences to support them to thrive together.

Specifically I will explore the use of pre and perinatal therapy as we apply it to our work with babies and children of all ages as well as exploring how we support parents and experience what a session looks like.
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The mini-series will include presentations, settling practices, exercises, harvest, questions and answers and sometimes videos or powerpoints.

This mini-series will address the following topics:

1. Working with babies
How to identify the signs of early trauma and how to resolve the trauma in babies and their families through the use of supported attachment, facilitated movement and co-regulation.

2. Working with children
Child centered play, the ongoing effects of early experiences, the power of storytelling, howchildren communicate their feelings and how to support them to feel seen and heard.

3. Supporting parents
Coaching parents to support their children: supporting parents to be in connection with each other and offering parents their own sessions for when they need the extra support to be present for their children.

4. Integrating it all
Using the Somatic Integrative Approach developed at BEBA and viewing a videotaped BEBAsession


Tara Blasco

Tara has a Ph.D in prenatal and perinatal psychology from the Santa Barbara Graduate Institute, and has worked at the BEBA clinic since 2001. Currently, she is the director of the BEBA clinic and was the co-director with Ray Castellino until he passed in December 2020. She works as the facilitator at the Ojai BEBA clinic and offers online sessions. She is a certified craniosacral therapist. She is a Certified Womb Surround Process Workshop facilitator through Castellino training. She co-teaches Dr. Castellino’s Foundation Training in Spain and in the US together with Ray Castellino (until he passed) and Mary Jackson. She is the co-director of the non profit organization Global Resource Alliance dedicated to the alleviation of poverty and disease, and supporting communities in the Mara region of Tanzania.
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