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Come join Karen and discover how Little One’s are constantly speaking to us from our unconscious implicit memories. It is a non-verbal, somatic and energetic conversation that shows up in all aspects of our life.

Listening to Little Ones

The Prenatal Self

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A 3-part series
presented by Karen Melton
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3 Consecutive Tuesdays in March
March 1 & 8, 2022
10am - 12pm PST
March 15, 2022
10am - 12pm PDT
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About this Workshop Series
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Everyone has an inner prenatal/baby, which Ray Castellino called the Little One, often referencing his own, ‘Little Ray’. Little One’s are the keepers of our preconception, prenatal and birth memories. Through our sacred and magical Little One we can connect with Source/Divine Home, our soul’s purpose, and our inherent health.

Little One’s are always seeking to be heard, to find resolution, healing, balance and connection. Their communications reveal the challenges they faced, how they responded to them, and the pathway to wellness, integration and health. A somatic approach is crucial in working with Little One’s because the foundational period is, at its core, an embodiment journey.

Little One's are extremely sensitive, and very tuned in energetically and somatically. When we begin to hear about what they experienced during their journey into life, we are hearing about both the prenatal-self and the soul.
We can access Little One’s gently through somatic awareness and will have some experiential opportunities in which to begin to explore this in the class series.
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Little One’s are constantly speaking to us from our unconscious implicit memories. It is a non-verbal, somatic and energetic conversation that shows up in all aspects of our life and is affecting us, and those close to us, profoundly.

Awareness, combined with a somatic orientation, can teach us how to listen to Little One’s and support them to resolve and integrate their journey into life.

First contact with Little One’s within born babies, children and adults is a crucial moment because so much of their story, and their healing, can emerge at this point. At first contact we may initially hear about the trauma response, defenses or survival strategy of the sacred Little One – whether it be hiding, staying small, not moving, being ‘good’, or going out of body. How we respond to others, and to our own, Little One holds the potential for transformation.


For incoming babies and re-parenting the parents’ Little One within, Little One’s speak louder when we decide to step into parenting. Throughout the preconception, conception, pregnancy and birthing period our Little One within is remembering her own journey, and her unresolved imprints can become more obvious and pervasive.Conscious early parenting is an opportunity for personal growth and consciousness, but in particular it’s a wonderful opportunity to meet our own Little One, and become aware of our own journey into life. The more connection we have with our Little One before, and/or during, pregnancy, the more empowered we can become as a parent.

Knowing that babies are conscious and sentient, we must wonder what they need from us from preconception onwards, as they require parenting much earlier than was previously thought. Preconception is a good time to begin to prepare for the parenting journey, and to take a look at our own unresolved early imprinting; get to know our Little One and allow that experience to inform our early parenting.


Karen Melton

Karen Melton has been working therapeutically with individuals and groups for 38 years, and finds it is a privilege to support people in their deepest places. She began as a youth counsellor, got a Diploma in Humanistic Psychology and then took some psychotherapy training followed by several years in practice. She moved to California in 1997 to train in Somatic Pre- & Perinatal Psychology & Health (with Dr W. Emerson and Ray Castellino), which she has practiced for 20+ years.

Karen came to pre and perinatal psychology when seeking healing her own preconception and prenatal wounds. She had a spontaneous flashback to the womb in her early twenties that made it totally clear that her prenatal experiences were profoundly affecting every level of her life. This work totally changed her life, and although it may sound dramatic, she wouldn’t be alive without it.

Karen trained as a Family Practitioner at the BEBA clinic, Santa Barbara, CA (Ray Castellino’s model which includes the pre and perinatal material) and as a Cranial Sacral Therapist. She’s also studied energy psychology for many years, and took Dr Gordon Neufeld’s Developmental Attachment training.

Karen feels very fortunate to love her work and offers gentle, hands-on somatic work for pre-conceptive babies through adults, and professional supervision for pre- and perinatal practitioners and Family Practitioners. She is an advocate for conscious early parenting from preconception through the prenatal period, and runs a Love Your Baby Into Life program for conscious early parents.

Karen is a mother, and a grandmother.
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