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In this miniseries, we will explore and receive support from stillness and movement, and their dance together.

Being in touch with stillness and movement within us, helps us navigate through challenges, gives us orientation to the next step, allows potency to gather for the intention to manifest, opens our heart for connection and presents us with the possibility to feel the support of the blueprint.
* All of our online courses and workshops will be recorded, and the replays of each class will be available to those who are enrolled.

The Power of 
Stillness and Movement

Listening to, Being in, and Sharing the Dance

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A 3-part series
with Carme Renalias
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3 consecutive Tuesdays
in February

February 6, 13, and 20, 2024

10am - 12pm PDT
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About this Workshop Series

Stillness and movement together, support life and health. Both are expressions of blueprint, the dynamic stillness.

They support our creation from the beginning, the arrival of the soul, the growing of the embryo, the building up of potency to orient to the intention, the going through the birth canal, the bonding, the constant becoming as a human being.

Stillness and movement live together in our deepest core and help us remember and reconnect to where we come from, support our intention today and allow us to connect to the wholeness we have always been, being in touch with that part of us that knows, where wisdom unfolds.

Movement always starts very small, slowing down we can both, still connect with stillness and perceive the moment just before movement begins. This opens up new options to the forming of this movement in the present. We can connect with how it was for us, the past experience and also the new possibilities forming in the present.

Every moment is a new creation. How beautiful and moving to accompany us and others in the creation of what emerges.

Slowing down, quieting inside, deeper listening to open to what emerges, trust.
I said to my soul, be still, and wait…
So the darkness shall be the light, and the stillness the dancing.
~ T. S. Elliot
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This series will include presentations and some exercises during each class, and plus time to share and discuss people's experiences and for
questions and answers.

1. Listening to the dance- Wholeness
Listening to the movement that emerges from stillness, slowing down opens up a world of resources that are there for us, the sensation of gravity, being breathed, the fluid body, the movement in our field of perception and the support of the energetic field.

2. Being in the dance – Listening to what emerges
When a part of us can be still, we can observe the dance arriving and connect to the wisdom unfolding, the mother of all resources. Trust in what emerges in a supported way.

3. Sharing the dance - Wide field of perception
When we meet with another or others and are anchored in our physical body and expand our awareness to the supporting energetic field, we may then access the great gifts of feeling in connection, safe and belonging.


Carme Renalias

Carme Renalias Escayola, CST is a Biodynamic Craniosacral therapist and teacher. She has her own BCST training school “Contacte des de la Quietud” since 2014. She also has her own practice where she works with families, children, babies, couples and adults. She lives and works in the countryside, north of Spain, in the area of Catalonia.

She is a Castellino certified Womb Surround Process Workshop facilitator. She assisted two full Castellino trainings in Spain with Ray Castellino, Mary Jackson and Tara Blasco. She is now part of the Castellino training teaching team in Spain.

She was a professional dancer and dance teacher till 2012, specializing in instant composition and stage improvisation. When she discovered Biodynamic Craniosacral she fell in love with the inner movement you may feel when slowing down and transitioned from stage dance to the intimate dance of holding presence.

She loves working with groups, both in big group trainings and in WS small groups. She learns each day from clients and students and never stops being in awe of the wisdom that there is in each one once we slow down and connect.

She has two dear adult sons and one of her main resources is attending to her garden, noticing the cycles of nature, the changes of light through the day and the seasons and connecting to blueprint.
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