Castellino Training

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~ Our Mission ~

To Offer. | To Train. | To Support. | in the field of pre- and perinatal health and development
through connecting and collaborating with
practitioners and trainers around the world

Dedicated to offering training and personal growth opportunities
 in support of those seeking to integrate pre- and perinatal trauma
~ both physical and emotional.
Offering the Work

Integrate early traumatic imprints
at core somatic levels through ...

Womb Surrounds, transformative process workshops, and connect with the potential of your truest self.
~ OR ~
the BEBA (Building and Enhancing Bonding and Attachment) Family Clinic that supports families and children
Training New Practitioners

Learn how to effectively utilize the methodologies developed by Ray Castellino and colleagues.

Understand the small group (Foundation Training) or family (Family Practitioner Training) relational process, increase awareness and perception of the energy between and the quality of relationship within a group of people, and support the connection to health through co-regulated experiences.
Supporting The world community

Connect, collaborate, and learn with practitioners and trainers around the world.
Envision a world that is mindful of pre- and perinatal imprinting and where individuals and families have access to coaching and facilitation support that promotes healthy development, relationships, and connection.
Join us for one of our workshops.

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Meet Castellino Training Corp

Tara Blasco


Mary Jackson


Sandra Castellino